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Why WORK with Me? (Buying, Selling or Investing)

There’s no doubt about it. Your real estate agent has a huge impact on whether or not (as SELLER) your home sells quickly, how much you get for your property, (as BUYER) what house you select, how much you pay for it, or (as INVESTOR) what rental property and income you generate for your future income.

In all THREE SCENARIOS what matters most is your experience throughout the process – regardless of whether it is SELL, BUY or INVEST.

So you’d be smart to ask, “Why should I SELL with you?” or “Why should I BUY with you?” or “Why should I INVEST with you?” – but they all translate in short, to “Why should I WORK with you?”

Obviously, I take any variation of this question VERY seriously.  It is vital to my livlihood for one. But more importantly, it sets down the platform how we will work together.

Number 1 – I am not just a sales person … in fact, I am YOUR PARTNER in a critical next step in your life.  I may not be there for more than a month to a year, but for that time, it is mission critical we understand one another.  Clearly and with no misunderstanding of your goals. If we don’t agree at this early stage, we may decide, mutually or otherwise, NOT to work together.

Frankly, this tough decision can save both of us a lot of time.  But assuming we agree to take it to the next level …

It comes down to communication… how well we create a two-way dialogue between ourselves.

Firstly there is You – your goals and plans for Where is Your Next Move – and then, me, as your Sherpa Guide – helping to get your there.  When we build a solid foundation – a bedrock as it were – we will have a successful outcome.

Realistic expectations create realistic outcomes.  Steps & procedures followed equals confident steps toward successful goals.

The best way for us to achieve that is in a Personal Consultation meeting. I will meet you at your home, explain how I work with clients, and give you an initial idea of what to expect in terms of selling price and timing.

This meeting will give us an opportunity to get to know each other; for me to explain my skills and experience; and for you to ask questions and see if there is a good fit. There is absolutely no obligation to proceed.

In the meantime, here are a few highlights of what to expect from me as your real estate agent:

  • I listen carefully to your needs and goals, and keep those top-of-mind throughout the process.
  • I’m accessible. I’m never more than a phone call or email away when you have questions or concerns.
  • I provide you with practical suggestions on how to prepare your home so that it impresses and excites buyers.
  • I recommend a listing price that’s the highest possible, without discouraging buyers.
  • I prepare a game plan to promote your property to qualified buyers to ensure it sells.
  • I prepare the promotional materials, including pictures and property description.
  • I create an excitement in the marketplace about your listing. I tell my other private clients about it. I spread the word to other agents.
  • I work with you to schedule showings and open houses, with as little inconvenience to you as possible.
  • When someone makes an offer on your property, I skillfully negotiate so that you get the best price and terms.
  • I take care of the dozens and dozens of details involved in selling a home, so you don’t have to worry about them.
  • I help to ensure everything goes smoothly between signing the offer and closing the sale.

You want your house to sell quickly and for the highest price possible. You also want the process to be trouble-free. That’s what I do for clients every day!

To find out more about why you should sell with me, please submit the form below or call or email me to schedule a Personal Consultation.

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